What I Wish I Knew Then

Hello friends,

An exciting time is nearing for you all. You are about to step foot into a new chapter of life at the best school in the country. We boast so many amazing programs, opportunities, and things for students to become involved with!

While you’re preparing to start this new season of life, I have a few things that I wish someone had told me before I came to UA:

1. Nerves about freshmen year are normal: Everyone is anxious about something coming into their first year of college. It might be about being so far away from home, walking into the wrong class on the first day, making friends, etc.

2. School is school: Do not be so worried about school work and your teachers. You are prepared for what college is about to throw at you in your classes. Just work hard, study hard, and stay on top of your assignments. You are a smart person with a bright future ahead of you.

3. Get to know the people in your dorm: You’re going to be around these people until May. Build relationships with these people.

4. Take advantage of your meal swipes: You get food, anytime you want it basically. Go to the dining hall as often as you can which means go to Bryant as much as possible.

5. Manage your time wisely: Find ways to make sure important things come first, but find ways to include the stuff that makes you tick.

6. Find a quiet place to study that is not your room: The library are great places to study, and Heritage House is amazing. Go there often.

7. Take “me time” seriously: You need to have time to yourself. Learn to say no, but do not say no too much. Do not let the feeling of missing out, also known as FOMO, take the most of you. Sometimes rest, schoolwork, and other things are sometimes better than going to everything with your friends. Time with friends is very important too though.

8. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE FRIENDS: It is so easy to make friends in college. Way easier than I ever thought.

9. Sleep is imperative: You need to sleep. Otherwise you are going to be extremely exhausted and not going to be able to focus as well if you do not rest.

10. Take risks: Do not be scared to “shoot your shot”. Go on adventures with your friends. Be spontaneous.