To the Sophomores

UA '21!

We just came through our sophomore year, and here's what we wish we knew...

"Be intentional with each other and with the freshmen. Don't just wait to run into people at the B, seek out friendships and be intentional." – Amber Wesoloski

“Make it a goal to set up and keep a very close group of friends but also balance teaching the new freshmen about Bama.” — Matthew Baughman

"Remember to focus on Christ always & trust in His plan for your life, even when life gets crazy. & to love on each other because college is hard. 'It's hard to grow your faith inside your comfort zone.'" — Sydney Basden

"Saying no to events/people/etc. is not a bad thing, and sometimes it will make life much easier if you do say no." — Caroline Jerome

“Know that you’re no longer next to a dining hall w/ unlimited meal swipes. Remember to go grocery shopping! :)” — Sergei Kilic

"Cast your care on him (1 Peter 5:7). When life becomes overwhelming (and it will), I've found that simply speaking out loud "Lord, I trust you" is helpful. If we do what we CAN do, God will do what we CANNOT do. Guaranteed stress reliever." — Alex Perry

“Realize that you don’t know everything and there is still a lot to be learned from those both older and younger than you.” — Zoe McVa