To the Juniors

Hey UA '20!

Here's some stuff we wish we knew going into our junior year:

"You're gonna be really busy this year. School will be harder, you'll have more friends, and life in general can get crazy. So just stay grounded, don't worry too much, and keep your priorities straight." – Matt Lewis

"Junior year feels like a between time- embrace it! On one side, freshmen come in with big ideas that you once had. But now you’ve honed and refined your dreams. Resist the urge to be cynical or feel superior and instead simply listen and encourage them in the practical steps of achieving their goals. On the other side, you have good friends who have already graduated. Remember all those upperclassmen who listened to you as you talked about your ideas and angst? You’re going to feel like a big part of your friend group is missing. The newcomers don’t know their names or the impact they had on you. But this is your chance to remember the legacy they left behind and continue it. Ask them how they intentionally used their time to invest in others. You are a leader in the BCM this year, even if you don’t feel like you are, because you’re older and have been here before. Use this year to love people well and enjoy being an in-betweener." – Elise Helton

“In the pursuit of holiness, we need to focus on cultivating good fruit, not just attacking the weeds. Both of these activities are vital to our walk with Christ, who is the reason and power behind these aims. 2 Peter 1:3-11 & John 15.” – Mark Henry

"Junior year is one of the hardest years of college, yet one of the most rewarding. School gets stressful and you begin to make decisions about your after college life, but the moments in college are the ones you will remember for years to come. Stay involved in the organizations you care about. The BCM became a place where I could go to destress, laugh and create those unforgettable memories. Remember the friendships you created during your first two years. Those are the people that build you up during the hard times and celebrate with you during the good times. Embrace every moment life throws at you this year and remember that God's plan for you is so much bigger and better than your wildest dream." – Hannah Murray

"Keep relationships with people a priority. It was so easy to fall into being stressed about grades and neglecting friendships over less important things. When I had a "real job" this summer on my own in Atlanta, it was like a preview to life after college, and I realized that what I took for granted and missed the most was having so many amazing, caring people around me. We only get a few years of all living within 10 minutes of each other and not having family/work commitments that take up all of our time. So really I would just say to spend as much time as you can around people and appreciating how much they add to your life!" – Casey Standridge

"Junior year. You’re old and wise now, which means you definitely shouldn’t listen to some guy typing advice from a cubicle while procrastinating work. But AHA! That’s the first lesson; you can learn from anyone and anything if you have an open mind to it. My 1 year old niece taught me how to love in the simplest ways and she can’t even speak yet. Never underestimate what a situation can teach you. “The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life,