A Family Tradition

by Danielle Waddell (Class of 2018)

For the Kaiser family, Baptist Campus Ministries means more than a handful of years on a college campus. The University of Alabama BCM lies in the very makeup of their family.

Tim Kaiser first discovered BCM as a student at Seminole State College in Oklahoma, home to about 50 on-campus residents.

“It was about the only thing to do on campus,” he said with a laugh.

A member of the Seminole State basketball team, Tim teamed up with the campus’s BCM director to create a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter. Tim recalled a time when, because of the relationships built between himself, the BCM director and fellow athletes, about a dozen people received salvation at a local barbecue.

When time came for Tim to transfer to The University of Alabama, where he knew only a handful of people, his experience at Seminole State led him to one specific place.

“One of the first places I showed up was the BCM because I knew I could connect with someone there,” he said.

There he connected with Beth Kitchens, a UA BCM leader and his future wife.

“Here we are 28 years later,” Tim said.

Beth’s connection to BCM started early—her mother was the president of Judson College’s Baptist Student Union. Because of her mom’s stories, Beth said the decision to try the BCM came easy.

“The BCM was sort of a safe haven, especially freshman year,” she said. “It gave us a lot of leadership opportunities and really an opportunity to build community.”

A community that surpasses graduation, too, they said. Tim and Beth remain close with many of their friends from UA BCM, attending the same Birmingham church as a number of fellow BCM grads and even watching their childr